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AUNT JACKIE'S Elixir Essential Hair & Scalp Oil

AUNT JACKIE'S Elixir Essential Hair & Scalp Oil
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A collection of Hair & Scalp oils infused with premium natural oils to address your top hair challenges. Formulated with special ingredients such as Biotin, Rosemary, Mint, Collagen and Peppermint to support hair growth, nourish and thicken hair strands, reduce shedding, and help relieve itchy scalp to improve hair and scalp
Biotin, Rosemary & Mint Elixir
  • Promotes growth, strengthens hair and protects from damage and breakage
  • Cools and soothes scalp
  • Vegan
  • Water Soluble Vitamin to strengthening from within
Collagen, Tea Tree Oil & Eucalyptus Elixir
  • Skincare for your scalp: Helps improve elasticity
  • Protein Treatment for strengthening
  • Provides essential compounds for hair growth
  • Great for Protective styling
  • Non- Water Soluble
Saw Palmetto, Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Grapeseed Elixir
  • Revitalizing herbal tonic, spot treatment for edges and thinning areas
  • Herbal Tonic: Saw Palmetto, promotes hair density
  • Power Growth Oil: Black Castor
  • Supports thicker fuller strands
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