History of JeRah Beauty!

JeRah Beauty’s founder, Asmaou, has been in the hairstyling industry for over 20 years now. As a teen in her homeland, Guinea West Africa, all her friends & family would line up to do their hair during Eid season.
At that moment, she realized she had a passion for hair and really enjoyed doing it although there was no monetary compensation at the time. Later, in her late teens, she moved to Canada & grew a network of clients from doing her Aunt’s hair. She would get paid from those referrals & was beyond happy when she realized she could make money from doing what she loved to do the most. Through this, she was able to pay her way through college with the little money she made. 
After graduating college with a degree of Administration Marking, she joined the corporate world and continued to pursue her passion for hair on the weekends. Shortly after, she realized that she was making more money doing hair at home for 2 days than working the whole week at her office job. 
However, she was always told that there’s no job security in the hairstyling industry. So she spent 10 years navigating the corporate world and soon after realized that she lacked the love and passion in her corporate career which she had an overflow in doing hair. She decided that she would rather work for herself instead. 
In 2006, at the age of 22, she purchased her first home and started doing hair from her basement. 
In 2009, she decided to complete a hairstyling diploma and continued to develop herself as a professional hairstylist. 
After years of hardwork and determination, she was able to open her very first hair salon in Mississauga, Ontario now known as the JeRah Beauty Salon & Spa. The business has been operating since Feb 2016 and prior to that, we were sole proprietorship since 2014.
To this date, she continues to grow her business and expertise. 
In 2021, she partnered with Connecture Braids On Call Academy to help teach black women in the GTA how to perfect their braiding skills and natural hair care to get certified in hairstyling.