AUNT JACKIE’S Aloe & Mint Wake Up Refresher Spray


Exhilarating refreshment for your curls, face, and skin are a few pumps away.

  • Aunt Jackie’s helps to enliven and lightly hydrate & condition curls, waves, coils, and skin with a satisfying dose of Jojoba, Aloe, Mint, and Vitamin E.
  • Aunt Jackie’s has you covered from head to toe with WAKE UP, an invigorating mist.
  • No need to jump in the shower when your curls, waves, and coils need refreshing.
  •  WAKE UP revives your hair just the right dose of hydration, shine, and conditioning nutrients while masking hair odor.
  • Tresses become softer and springy, with a fresh, clean smell.
  • It’s great for use on all textured hair types.
  • Great for quick refreshment for dry, sun and wind-parched skin.
  • As a hair refresher, spray all over hair to revive curls, waves, and coils and to cover hair odor.
  •  As a face and body refresher, hold about 5 inches from face or hold close to body and spray.


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