Frequently Asked Questions for JeRah Beauty!

Most frequent questions and answers

If you cannot find your favorite product, feel free to email and we will try our best to find that product you are looking for.

You can book your appointment on site by clicking the “Book Now” button or click on this link.

Orders cannot be canceled or adjusted after they have been placed. 

Since everyone’s hair is different – the process by which we help you reach your goal is different too. The starting price can go up if the hair is longer than expected, needs to use more product, takes more time, or uses a more specialized technique.

Our operating hours are as follows:

SUN-FRI    :  9AM-8PM
SAT             :  9AM-5PM

Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are also accepted as per availability.

You can pay with us through cash (with tax exemption), PayPal, e-Transfer, or Debit/Credit card. Our PayPal and e-Transfer email is:

During the online booking process, you will be given an estimate for your service(s) chosen. This is the only place that estimates are available online


Please email us at if you have any other questions we can help you with! . Thank you for shopping with us!

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